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Tue Dec 29 12:52:32 MST 2015

Thanks for the critique of Andrew Cockburn.
It's been a rough week for the truth.
* The nimrods at Common Dreams printed this appeal by VIPS (Ray McGovern
and other former spies) calling on Obama to adopt Putin's views on Syria
and on the "false flag" chemical attacks:
* Anti-Assad, anti-Daesh Syrian journalist Naji Jerf was murdered:

The good news is that Naji's colleagues in the journalist group "Raqqa is
Being Slaughtered Silently" are just that much more determined to carry on.

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> I always react with a mixture of anger and sadness when I come across the
> first article by a respected investigative journalist that is filled with
> Baathist talking points. When it comes to Patrick Cockburn, Robert Fisk and
> Seymour Hersh, I know what to expect at this point. When I spotted an
> article in the latest Harpers by Andrew Cockburn that was titled “A Special
> Relationship: The United States is teaming up with Al Qaeda, again”, I had
> a feeling that he would be the latest A-List reporter to go that route
> since the pressure on the academy and the media is most acute right now. If
> you stop and think about it, the war fever that has attached itself to
> Vladimir Putin’s adventure in Syria is not that different from what we saw
> in 2002 except in this go-round it is the Kremlin rather than the White
> House that quickens the laptop bombardier’s pulse.
> Since Cockburn’s article is behind a paywall, I recommend that you read it
> in your local library since a penny spent for a magazine that costs $6.99
> to read this crappy article is a penny ill-spent.
> full:
> http://louisproyect.org/2015/12/29/andrew-cockburn-joins-the-baathist-amen-corner/
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