[Marxism] [UCE] Re: Sabotaging the water tax in Ireland

modulus modulus at spiritofcontradiction.eu
Thu Dec 31 02:07:04 MST 2015

> Wait...what? Water is FREE in Ireland? Seriously? Out of curiosity...are
> there any other countries where water is not metered?

In the UK water isn't free, but it isn't (or isn't always) metered.
There are two options: to pay rates according to the band of council tax
(which is related to the size, location and facilities of the housing
unit) or to have it metered. There are some other rules about it, like
if one has an electric shower the water must be metered. (The UK water
system is very old and has a lot of legacy components; much of it is
gravity fed and pressure is low, so for a good shower one must have
pumps on site.)


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