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MondoWeiss, one of truly few intrepid news sources on Palestine, is about
to reach their year-end $90k goal, at which point they will be given an
additional $50k by a generous donor. Please consider pitching in!

- Amith

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Subject: Amith, Who Do You Honor?
To: Amith <amithrgupta at gmail.com>

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who invest in Mondoweiss often dedicate their donations to people; hopes;
dreams; or principles.
Your gift can also pay tribute to someone who inspires you.

Dear Amith,

Almost ten years ago, Mondoweiss was born when Phil Weiss decided to risk
his journalistic career in order to tell the truth about destructive
American policy in the Middle East—and its horrific human costs.
Today, one person’s commitment has blossomed into a far-reaching community,
bringing to the world sterling reporting, incisive analysis, stunning
photos and videos. Our mission, Amith, is to provide *Journalism That
Powers Justice
we hope and believe that often, we succeed at that mission. Our stories
reach mainstream pundits and even policy-makers, although they don’t admit
to it. (One of these days, ask me about how Mondoweiss turned up in
Hillary’s email...)

But even as our influence spreads—thanks to our readers, who share what
matters to them—I’m glad that in many ways our site still has many of the
qualities of a small community. People who check for new content as part of
their morning routine. Thoughtful discussions, in which issues and sources
are scrutinized from many angles. And an ability not to take ourselves—or
our political opponents—too seriously.

task now is to continue to grow and expand our reach
while maintaining our strengths and serving our community. Today Mondoweiss
is poised to have more of an impact, and we owe it to advocates of sane,
humane foreign policy and Palestinian human rights to seize that opportunity

Three weeks ago, some of our most generous and strategic donors told us
they believed we could build a stronger organization—that the community
we’ve grown would be ready to push us to the next stage. We worked with
them with some trepidation to launch the year-end Challenge Campaign. In
many ways, we still expect to cover the news using today’s equivalent of
two tin cans and a string. Our challenge donors were challenging us not
only to inspire donations
but to think big about what Mondoweiss can achieve.

So here we are, on the last day of the campaign, and we’re well over 90
percent of our goal! Thanks to so many people who believe in the importance
of a responsible press, we’re within whispering distance of unlocking that
$50,000 Challenge Fund. All we need is another 20 or 30 gifts—with your help
Amith, we could get there by noon!

For those of you who have not yet contributed, it's not too late
the past few weeks we’ve shared the highlights of 2015 - the interviews
, photos
 and videos
we're proudest of - to highlight the importance of the work we are doing.
Please check them out and share them.

I’ve also gathered some of the tributes we’ve received over the past few
years; have a look on the site
see some truly humbling comments. For example, one commenter on the site
wrote, “I rapidly came to appreciate how much hard information as well as
well-argued opinion about the Middle East problem is available here. Above
all I find Mondoweiss a representative of genuine anti-racism.” If you have
not yet decided on a contribution, Amith, I hope these statements will
inspire you to take action now

The top of this email features an image showing a sampling of how our
readers have dedicated their donations when they’ve sent funds to invest in
Mondoweiss’s continued service
I can’t read those messages without feeling the enormous responsibility
we’ve taken on. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to help
Mondoweiss reach the next level
We are privileged to be part of your team.


Adam Horowitz, Co-Editor
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