[Marxism] Cuba Arrests Dissidents 2 Weeks After U.S. Accord

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 1 20:24:35 MST 2015

On 1/1/15 9:48 PM, Charlie via Marxism wrote:
> A small socialist society under relentless attack, counterposed to ...
> "any normal society"! Yes, capitalist society is normal for someone
> steeped in it and bereft of class insight (although he might have had
> some class consciousness in the past).

I may be a traitorous Trotskyite on the CIA payroll but at least I have 
the ability to defend my ideas in such a way that nobody can possibly be 
confused by their meaning. You, by comparison, are a sick fuck wasting 
time here with your one-line snarky bullshit. One more time and you are 

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