[Marxism] [UCE] Fascism in Ukraine? Where?

Roger Annis rogerannis at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 2 14:39:03 MST 2015

Louis, it's not difficult for the serious reader to distinguish fact from fiction in RT.com. Its factual reports are often invaluable because it is reporting stories routinely censored in the imperialist press. Its reports are typically light weight and the inaccuracies or crude opinion that occur are not difficult to discern. So criticizing RT is like shooting fish in a barrel. The Kyiv Post article is a different kettle of fish. This article in question is a mix of fact, nuance and hard opinion in which truth is difficult to sort from fiction. 

The reader should remember the starting points of the two publications--the Kyiv Post supports the 'anti-terrorist operation' (Kyiv's language, and that of Kyiv Post, too) in eastern Ukraine with all of its ghastly consequences, whereas RT opposes the war. The reader should note that and proceed accordingly.


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> > Thanks for that reassuring article from Kyiv Post posted to this list with no comment, regarding the torchlight march in Kyiv on Jan. 1 commemorating WW2 Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera. The article was also sent to me by a few correspondents, similarly without comment. The fascists and far right in Ukraine are an exagerated phenomenon, we read. This sounds a similar note to the reassuring but equally false articles that followed the Rada election on Oct 26.
> You know something, Roger. The Kyiv Post is fifty times more reliable 
> than RT.com. Right after the massacre in Odessa, it interviewed two 
> women who laid the blame squarely on the pro-Maidan mob (that's what it 
> was).

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