[Marxism] Is the universe an illusion?

Paul Eckstein pecorn at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 5 19:42:10 MST 2015

Dear Maria,
I think there is a very simple Marxist answer to your question:  Who is it that is asking the question?  A question asked by an illusion addressing itself to an illusion could only expect an illusory answer.  Give up your illusory question, and there will be no need for an illusory answer.
My very real answer affirms that neither one of us is an illusion (or a holographic image).  Now, can we get back to making the real world a better place?
Best,Paul Eckstein 

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I have going through some papers describing the physical reality as 
a) an illusion created by our sensesb) a holographic projectionBoth hypotheses are supported by some physists and philosophers.I would appreciate some references from marxist perspective crtiiquing these hypotheses.In this context, I remember an anectode my father told me about Sankaracharya, the father of modern Hinduism and the concept of minism. He says that there is only one reality, the paramatman (supreme soul) and all living beings are mere reflections of the paramatman. He argued that ultimately, slavation lies in the merging of the atman (soul) into the paramatman.When Sankaracharya was teaching his students at his ashram (school), in his place what is now Kerala, a wild elephant entered the ashram. The teacher and the students ran away and sankara took refuge on the branches of a banyan tree.After the wild elephant had done its destuctive job and left the school, he came down and one of the students asked him, "pray, tell me master, you say everything is an illusion. So, the wild elephant is an illusion (midhya). Why did you run away from an illusion.Shankara famously replied in Sanskrit, "Gajam midhya, palayanam midhya!, which literally translates into : "The elephant is an illusion and my running away is also an illusion!"Vijaya Kumar marla

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