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An Introduction to Anthropology

Spring 2015 


Symbolic culture emerged in Africa over 100,000 years ago, in a
revolution whose echoes can still be heard in myths and rituals around the
world. Our talks this term focus on human evolution in the light of hunter-gatherer
ethnography, population genetics, biology, primatology, cave painting research
and palaeolithic archaeology. There is plenty of time for questions, discussion
and socialising.


Jan 13       Conservatism and how to fight it: lessons
from evolutionary theory.            Lesley Newson

Jan 20       My
recent stay with the Hadza of Tanzania.                                                   James Woodburn

Jan 27       Human
origins: why menstruation matters.                                                          Chris

Feb 3         Noam Chomsky and the human revolution.                                                         Chris Knight 

Feb  10     Telling
the story of the Kalahari First People.                                                            Chris Low

Feb 17      An introduction to
African ethnomusicology.                                                      Noel

Feb 24      Gift exchange or barter? The origins and functions of money.                     Mark Jamieson

Mar 3        Mental time travel in
crows and humans.                           Nicola
Clayton and Clive Wilkins

Mar 10     An Aboriginal Australian myth: ‘The Rainbow Snake’.                                         Chris

Mar 17     Can
we reconstruct the world’s first stories, myths and rituals?                   Camilla Power 

Mar 24     Fire and human
evolution.                                                                                     John Gowlett

31     A Plains Indian
myth: ‘The Wives of the Sun and Moon’.                                 Chris

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be  confirmed.


All talks held at the Cock Tavern,
23 Phoenix Rd., NW1 1HB (Euston).

All events are free but small donations welcome.

Tuesdays, 6.30–9.00pm.  More Info:

For updates on meetings and anthropology news, follow us on @radicalanthro
and Facebook


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