[Marxism] With Greece for Europe

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 7 09:24:40 MST 2015

> With Greece for Europe
> Why we need to support the Greek Left now
> Introduction
> Greece has been at the centre of the Euro crisis for years. Nowhere else in the Eurozone is the
> economic crisis deeper and the social situation worse. The austerity measures imposed by the
> government and the Troika are aiming to fundamentally change the distribution of wealth and
> the relations of power within Greek society, especially between labour and capital. These
> policies have reflected back on the rest of the Eurozone, e.g. through the Fiscal compact in 2012
> or the Competitiveness pact discussed since early 2013. Greece can therefore be seen as the
> laboratory for the neoliberal restructuring of Europe as a whole. The political experiments the
> Greek society is put through may be more radical than elsewhere, but at least indirectly affect
> everyone in the Eurozone and the EU.
> At the same time, Greece is the country where the chances for a party of the Left, SYRIZA, to get
> into power are biggest. Five years ago, SYRIZA barely managed to pass the threshold of votes
> required to enter parliament. Today they are the main opposition force, leading the polls by a
> large gap. A SYRIZA government would be the first and only one in the Eurozone to openly
> oppose the austerity policies and the neoliberal restructuring described above. The elections
> which could make this possible will be held in 2016 at the latest, but are widely expected to take
> place in early 2015. These prospects have made Greece the major place of hope for leftists and
> those fighting austerity across Europe. In this sense, the importance of SYRIZA’s struggle goes
> beyond Greece: If they manage to get into power and implement their policies, this will open
> spaces for left alternatives all over Europe. If they should fail, the Left in Europe may lose
> credibility and hope for a long time. Thus, the question of how we can contribute to a political
> change in Greece and in extension Europe is the main focus of this paper. We should make use of
> this historic moment the best we can.


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