[Marxism] Lenin's Tomb on Charlie Hebdo

Charles Faulkner lacenaire at comcast.net
Wed Jan 7 09:54:50 MST 2015

thanks to ed, richard and daniel. this starts to get at what concerns me, the uses of such events. 

aside from the platitudes to decency in protecting free speech, as richard pointed out, what claim does such a paper have to being "left" when it engages in rather obvious race baiting? if daniel is correct, how could a hitchens position be construed as "left"? i am not so naive to believe that segments of the left are incapable of racism but simply emphasizing the contradiction. if charlie hebdo's "claim" to left politics is marginal, even dubious, this is just the kind of convenient event that plays into the hands of racists, imperialists. 

but the above are not merely rhetorical questions. if anyone knows these charlie hebdo people and how their brand of satire is relevant to the needs and advancement of human understanding, your insight is crucial. the little i have translated from them appears little more than rancid and racist graffiti. mad magazine is better. not that i believe that the justifiable punishment for printed garbage is death. 

by suggesting there are convenient events and their uses i am not implying i know who did this. rather, i am bracing myself for the demands made to the "left" to get on board with the war on terror. while i am supportive of any people's organized resistance to fundamentalism, and will even applaud help where it can be found (large governments), events such as this attack seem a time for caution and reflection. in other words, this is a time when intellectuals can be of great assistance to society. 

am i just preaching to the choir? 

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