[Marxism] Just woke up to Paris Killings

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> Like everyone else I condemn the killings in Paris with all my being, but
> is it beyond us to ask what good is served by mocking and ridiculing
> people's beliefs?  Is politeness and respect beyond us?
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The 'civilization' i care to be part of would not embrace disrespect and
mocking of peoples' religious beliefs.

Who can defend a 'western civilization' that has massacred and pillaged
it's way throughout the 'third world' for centuries?  A 'western
civilization' built on at least apartheid oppression, if not genocide, of
indigenous peoples - fostering and depending on frenzied disrespect and
dismissal of their beliefs, traditions and culture.

Is it so difficult to understand that many among the Muslim victims of
'western civilization' would cling more strongly to their Islamic cultural
traditions?  I read the western journalist trope that Muslims FEEL that
lampoon caricatures of their prophet are an insulting sacrilege.  This
seems to be about as respectful and sensitive as the usual 'western'
journalist trope that Palestinians object to blatantly illegal Israeli
settlement on their occupied lands because they (questionably) WISH to have
these lands be part of their (questionably) hoped for-independent nation.
Do any of these journalists understand that depiction of any human figure
goes against the grain of traditional Islamic culture?

Meanwhile today DemocracyNow! started a time-interrupted interview with
"Tariq Ramadan, a professor of contemporary Islamic studies at Oxford
University who is considered one of the most prominent Muslim intellectuals
in Europe. Responding to reports the attack was carried out by Islamist
militants, Ramadan says: "This is just a pure betrayal of our religion and
our principles."

This interview will apparently and hopefully be continued for tomorrow.
The initial interview, cut short early this morning, was taking place on
the basis of rudimentary initial reports.

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