[Marxism] Further statement of the New Anti-Capitalist Paty

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They are great and I praise their courage.

- Amith

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> This translation is flawed, but I don't know enough to improve on it.
>                                         ken h
> http://www.internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article3793
> Hollande and national unity, anger and indignation diverted
> François Hollande, once again, even in this dramatic situation, did not
> have anything to say.
> Throughout the country people are expressing their indignation, anger,
> revulsion against the pure and simple execution of independent, free and
> satirical, anticonformist, journalists, this putting to death of Charlie
> Hebdo, and Hollande is praising a united France, calling for national
> unity. In doing so he justifies the wars that he and his government are
> carrying out against the peoples in regions of the world where plundering
> and military interventions organized by the great powers are sowing misery
> and chaos.
> It is because the NPA is fully solidarity with the journalists, the
> employees, the victims of the barbaric and reactionary attack against
> Charlie Hebdo and its journalists that we are not joining this national
> unity, with this coming together of France.
> We say no to falling in behind this government, which is waging war
> against working people; behind Sarkozy who, is saying the same thing as
> Hollande; or behind Marine Le Pen who is using it to conduct a racist and
> xenophobic campaign under pretext of fighting against Islamic
> fundamentalism.
> It is their policy, social and democratic regression, social that secretes
> this obscurantist cruelty, this contemptible violence which aims at sowing
> terror, against freedom of expression, freedom of the press in the name of
> reactionary and obscurantist prejudices.
> The answer is not national unity but the workers’ movement, working people
> again the offensive to bring society out of regression, of the chaos into
> which capitalist policy has plunged it.
> We will express our solidarity with the victims of terror in complete
> independence of their national unity.
> Montreuil 7 January 2015
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