[Marxism] Seymour on Charlie Hebdo

Jeff Rubard jeffrubard at gmail.com
Thu Jan 8 22:00:00 MST 2015

A quick thought on something I am not quite qualified to talk about, as I
have never been to France and barely read French.

First off, if anyone here has not yet read a "gloss" of the Quran, do
yourself a favor and do so. It is a wonderful, quite rational book not
noticeably inferior in any but "literary" qualities to the Old and New
Testaments. If "Islamophobia" is the problem, nobody is stopping you from
beginning at the beginning.

But -- I think Richard's analysis shows the strains of the "Caracas
Consensus", where non-secular Arabs could clearly be seen to be holding the
baton of human progress from a socialist point of view. "Charb" was a
militant from the PCF; before people start sniggering, or subtly raising
questions about Algeria, let me say that such imperfect vessels of Lenin's
serene wisdom are some of the people who would be needed for France to be a
pluralist society.

I think most of us with any survival instinct take a look at the Muhammad
cartoons published in Charlie Hebdo and realize that, were we to quickly
sketch one and show it to a Muslim acquaintance at a get-together, we would
likely be soundly beaten. "And with right"? Charb's "anti-capitalist cat
and dog" cartoons focus on the Left, and are not sunnier, just more
familiar. Practical activism is not always a matter of a "Higher Marxism",
where we produce dispassionate and ecumenical analyses that get the current
Ayatollah, Pope Francis, Obama and Darth Vader to do a huddle and announce
support for Tspiras (though they might do that).

Some of it, at least, is about living: and if we have to live together on
Earth, *we* have to live together. Shall Trotskyists dispute that "left
lives matter"? At any rate, the real left analysis is that the worst thing
about this would be sending Marine Le Pen to power -- let's not be too
"enlightened" to not let that happen.

Jeff Rubard

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