[Marxism] Hostage?

Charles Faulkner lacenaire at comcast.net
Sat Jan 10 09:18:22 MST 2015

a picture is appearing of a slightly different character from the one that the french government described of the last moments of kouachis brothers. it appears that they did not really take hostages. in fact they sent the one person upstairs that they knew was there for his safety. this "hostage" said they were polite to him the whole time though he worried about the woman he had hidden upstairs. the kouachis never learned that she was there. she was hiding upstairs and texting the police about the layout of the building and the situation the whole time. 

the french government released an account to the press that the brothers wanted to die as martyrs, which of course may have been the case, but i would like to draw attention to how the situation as it actually was made it much easier to execute the kouachis on the spot. this may seem a minor point given the complexity of events in paris but it coincides with a police problem we have here in the united states. because the government so utterly manipulates (controls?) the press during such crises, they can kill suspects with relative ease and impunity, thus eliminating the most motivated contrary witnesses. 

i've seen this myself when san francisco police killed a man in the building next door to me 3 years ago. 


the san francisco murder is a complicated story that i won't go into here but there are many strange aspects that are similar to the killing of the kouachis and thousands of suspects worldwide. the police create conditions that make killing suspects easy. the methods they employ are then shared by governments. these methods are used again and again in much less spectacular instances thus normalizing them. it amounts to a kind of assassination. an assassination of suspects but also of the will and freedom of the people. 

while the hostage crisis at the paris grocery seems to have a different character i would caution against assuming that the government is correct that coulibaly executed 4 persons. how many times have police been the ones to have killed everyone during raids and then laid the blame elsewhere? 

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