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Sun Jan 11 13:26:46 MST 2015

– Do you characterize yourself as a leftist and a Marxist today?

– In respect of beliefs, a worldview – definitely yes. However, if one 
takes a point of view that sees Marxism as a political practice in the 
first place, I could be reproached that according to this criteria I am 
not a Marxist. I will not argue with that, but I just ask whether the 
Bolsheviks were Marxists when they were defending the Kerensky 
government from the Kornilov Revolt. As a Marxist, I am aware of the 
fact that today a Ukrainian state is an unpleasant thing. There are very 
strong rightist conservative and nationalist tendencies there, with the 
power in the hands of big capital – the same as before, a powerful 
offensive is launched against the social component of state spending and 
workers’ rights. You know, as in the “socialist realist” art, the 
priority was depiction of a conflict between the good and the better, 
today in the Donbas there is a conflict between the bad and the worse. 
In Russia right-wing conservatism and authoritarianism are not just a 
tendency but full reality. The new expansionism in the sauce of the 
“Russian World” is a disgusting reactionary ideology that in reality is 
translated into war, violence, lies and hatred. In the Donbas all of 
them are in full bloom and trying to expand themselves. In my opinion, 
the main task is to stop it. Referring to the Kornilovism analogy, I 
will mention that a good friend of mine, a socialist, says that this war 
takes place between Petliuraites [2] and White Guards. This analogy is a 
bit lame, but in the situation when at war there is no communist side, 
for me as a Marxist the choice between Petliuraites and White Guards is 
obvious: in favor of the latter. At the same time it is evident that we 
are not even allies but just fellow travellers and just to the first 

full: http://zmkowalewski.pl/?page_id=464

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