[Marxism] 'Freedom of the press' in Europe

Roger Annis rogerannis at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 12 20:33:33 MST 2015

Jan. 12, 2015

Yesterday in Paris, the leaders of capitalist Europe spearheaded a rally and march they called in the name of defending freedom of the press. On today's Democracy Now, Jeremy Scahill examines the democratic credentials of those leaders. He called their rally a 'Circus of hypocrisy'. He said, "...while there is much to take heart from this huge outpouring for freedom of the press, hypocrisy is on full display in the streets of Paris when it comes to world leaders". 

One of the European leaders on hand for the march was Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko. In a posting yesterday to the New Cold War.org website, the editors detail the accelerating attacks against press freedoms taking place in the Ukraine of Europe-inspired austerity and NATO-propelled civil war. The posting also reports on the recent spate of arson attacks against offices of hte Communist Party of Ukraine. http://newcoldwar.org/video-journalists-declared-wanted-criminals-ukraines-secret-service/.

Also on the website is translated news from Junge Welt that several tens of thousands of people in Germany took part in demonstrations against racism and anti-Muslim prejudice on this date, specifically against the 'Pegida' anti-immigrant campaign.

Roger Annis


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