[Marxism] Fwd: Jerome Roos: What happens in Greece can transform Europe

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A very confused person, serving up a mixture of reformist slogans and/or
hopelessness. He has no understanding of how organs of workers' control and
mobilization can and must BECOME the state -- while their movements
maintain independent existence. Instead he offers up advice to a "reformed"

I much prefer this perspective:
"• The challenge is clear and decisive: it is necessary to defeat the Greek
right and far right and to do everything so that the Greek left, of which
Syriza is the main component, wins these elections, in order to create a
social and political dynamic for a left government, which must strive to
bring together all the forces ready to break with the austerity policy and
to fight against the pitfalls of chauvinistic nationalism. This government
must be a government of the lefts and not a national union government
preparing conciliation with the ruling classes and the EU. The rejection of
the memorandums, of the budgetary diktats of the EU, the non-repayment of
most of the debt, the first measures of an anti-austerity government, are
the questions on which the confrontation with the EU will be played out,
but they will not be able to be consolidated without a policy which from
the outset breaks with all the antisocial attacks on the Greek people in
the last four years in the field of wages, health, the right to work and
housing; which starts to take anticapitalist measures, of incursion into
capitalist property, nationalization of the banks, and certain key sectors
of the economy, reorganization of the economy to satisfy elementary social
needs. To impose these solutions, social mobilization, workers’ control,
self-organization and social self-management are essential. Finally the
conquest of the government, within a parliamentary framework, can, in
exceptional circumstances, be a first step on the path to an anticapitalist
rupture but, there too, this one can be confirmed only if one government
anti-austerity creates the conditions for a new power being pressed on
Popular Assemblies, in the companies, the districts and the cities."

full at http://internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article3804

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> (Considering Roos's long-standing autonomist predilections,it is
> interesting that he supports a Syriza victory.)
> Q: The forthcoming Greek elections may bring the Left to power. What’s
> their significance and meaning for Greece and Europe?
> A: As a general matter, I do not ascribe very great significance to
> elections in the broader social struggle, but it's obvious that these
> elections are different. Greece finds itself in a permanent state of
> emergency, and there is no doubt that this will be the most monumental vote
> since the fall of the junta. Obviously the prospect of the radical left
> taking power for the first time in EU history is significant in and of
> itself, and given Syriza’s stated intentions to renegotiate the debt and
> take on the oligarchs, there is a genuine prospect of an improvement in
> overall conditions – if only to provide much-needed breathing space to
> working people, the unemployed and the movements. And needless to say, the
> possible demise of the two-party political aristocracy that has ruled the
> country since the fall of the junta would be a historical development per
> se.
> full: http://analyzegreece.gr/files/solidarity-resistance/item/49-
> jerome-roos-what-happens-in-greece-can-transform-europe
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