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On 13/01/2015 05:15 μμ, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:

> On 1/13/15 9:18 AM, Andrew Pollack wrote:
>> full at http://internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article3804
> "The Greek left wing, Syriza and Antarsya have particular responsibility
> in building a unitive project, which goes beyond these organizations,
> but can bring together trade unionists, campaign activists, ecologists."
> Maybe I am missing something but Antarsya got 2.7 percent of the vote in
> the 2014 regional elections. If I were in Greece, I'd be part of
> Syriza's left wing and not wasting my time in an ill-conceived
> "socialist alliance" type formation.
> You can get an idea of the sectarian conceptions of Antarsya from this
> article that appeared in International Viewpoint as well:
> []
> http://www.internationalviewpoint.org/spip.php?article3359
> Idiotic.

Dear Louis

Back in the seventies,  been a teenager ignorant member of the youth of 
Greek CP, i proposed the "ideological cycle" of the party to consider, 
study and present in the plenum, "the social basis of maoism", according 
to the current at the time belief in Greek CP in a kind of sharp and 
clear correspondence  between ideologies and social classes.
"How come!"  the secretary exclaimed."They are just idiots! What else to 
be said?"

Thus, i learned that other peoples' idiocy explains nothing, but 
nevertheless it may be used as by the secretary, to attribute to the 
maoists his own lack of explanation.

As for ANTARSYA, you are missing something indeed: The fact that 
Syriza's bumble parliamentary success is the signature of mass' 
radicalization. As is usual the case with reformists, they are the first 
step of the mass'  movement to the left. If that movement continue on, 
SYRIZA can hardly hope to keep the current mass' support. Again if that 
process stop, then SYRIZA will probably show the ugly face of reformism. 
Meanwhile, and being a bumble, SYRIZA has no live connections with the 
working class other than electoral clientele. Thus it restricts its 
political action in spectacular activism from above, while seeks to 
incorporate the desperate corrupted syndicalist apparatus of a dying 
PASOK. That worker's aristocracy, plunged for decades in state 
corruption and specialized to working class manipulation, can hardly be 
a positive factor in transforming the working class interests into 
SYRIZA policy.
On the other hand, ANTARSYA does have such class connections forged to 
the struggles with and within workers' organizations.
Example: in "Greek Federation of Secondary State School Teachers" (OLME, 
about 100 000 members that is 1% of the whole Greek population) SYRIZA 
gets 27-28% of the votes (1n 2014) just the same as in parliamentary 
elections, and ANTARSYA (which indeed got 2,7% in regional elections) 
gets almost 20% of the votes(2014). Not bad at all for a sectarian 
group, isn't it ?
Well,  unlike SYRIZA, which seeks always to restraint and calm down the 
working class, we put the struggles forward, we gain support. And that, 
in spite of SYRIZA's growing electoral support.
For sure, be prepared to hear soon much more unusual news from greece....

An idiot

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