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the question is not whether or not maris is right wing. i, for one, don't give a shit. the question is whether or not publishing racist cartoons is consistent with socialism or any other left stance we need care about. 

i couldn't help notice in wikipedia that marist joined a freemason lodge in 2008. is that true? how is that consistent with him being a member of the "left wing"? 

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Bernard Maris, the French left-wing economist and sociologist, and 
columnist for Charlie Hebdo, murdered by Islamists last week, wrote 
several interesting books about the way authority and economics 
structure our world-view. He addressed the question of alienation in a 
post-fordist world in a way that is reminiscent of Marcuse. 

I defy ANYBODY to read his books and show me anything right-wing or 
racist about his work. 

On the contrary, he advocated workshop democracy and confronting 
Capitalism as an ideology. 

Those who would sully his legacy by calling him racist are VILE enemies 
of human freedom, egalitarianism and progressive thinking. 
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