[Marxism] Sickening

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that's right dark, not black, skin. along with the other features that you and others have mentioned. anyone seeing these caricatures can see that it's not depicting irrational whites (europeans), blacks (africans), asians (chinese), etc. but arabs. and given france's political problems it's easy to see why arabs are an easy target. so ch, as has been pointed out better by others, racialized islam. so while ch also may have attacked a form of islam (as well as islam more broadly as richard pointed out), they attacked arabs too. clearly. it's unfortunate that you want to deny it. their vile depictions of arabs does not justify their murder. but murder hardly needs further condemnation. 

i am not charlie because of its racism. charlie hebdo does not provide a standard for me to follow. 

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Charb designed the "Equal Opportunities" anti-racist campaign, a poster 
in which a White boss tells a Black jobseeker : "I would really love to 
hire you, but...er... I don't like the color of your ... er.... tie." 

And still, and still, and still, you will insist that he drew characters 
with "dark, but not black skin". What a joke. So the guy hated 
fundamentalism, and you turn that into a hatred of "dark, but not black 
skin" Muslims, so as to disparage his anti-fundamentalism message and 
turn it into a racist, bigoted, xenophobic hatred of Muslims. You want 
to turn Charb into a guy who hated dark-skinned people, and have the 
cheek of writing "think about it !", as though there was anything to 
think about. 

So go on ! Turn Charb into a racist who hated "dark skinned people" ! Go 
on! Go on ! After all, depictions of the prophet are just examples of 
"crude orientalism". Never mind that the PAkistani or MAroccan 
governments use blasphemy laws to keep control of the masses! Who cares 
! Maroccans, Saoudis, Pakistanis, are not "us", are they ? And now we 
see WHO the real racists are. Those who would happily help out religious 
conservatism control society it it means criticizing other progressives 
and socialists they don't agree with. Sickening. 
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