[Marxism] JeSuisCharlie???

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Wed Jan 14 12:03:22 MST 2015

Clay Claiborne said:
Thank you Charles.

After reading how Charlie Hebdo has had an obsessive anti-Islamic focus
since 9/11/2001 and seeing millions of people unwittingly uniting with that
history under the popular hash tag #JeSuisCharlie ("I'm with Charlie") in
the name of freedom of speech, I sought to fashion an effective agitational
response that would sharply point out what was wrong with raising this
slogan in defense of free speech. So:

#JeSuisCharlie? Its one thing to support the Nazi's right to march. It is
quite another to march with them.


#JeSuisCharlie? Its one thing to support the KKK's freedom of speech. It is
quite another say Je Suis KKK.

Since the medium of this campaign is twitter, I had to fit my agitation
into 140 characters or less. I suspect Ken's nuanced and long winded
writing style doesn't understand twitter too well.

I posted it here because I think it is a good example of political
agitation and education on twitter, not to start an inflamed discussion on
this list about the differences between Charlie and Adolph.

Ken Hiebert replies:
Thank you for your explanatory remarks.  It is no credit to me that I have failed to adopt social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  It is to your credit that you are taking the battle of ideas to those media.
Whatever your intention, when I saw your message I could see us heading into a heated and not very enlightening exchange.  I wrote a hasty response, hoping to head off such an exchange.  And for the moment, it looks as if we have avoided that.

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