[Marxism] Just When You Think Things Could Not Get Any Worse...

Greg McDonald gregmc59 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 15:14:20 MST 2015


While Reuters reports
that 32 prison guards and officers were fired across the state this past
September related to dozens of cases of abuse, corruption, and death, one
should lose a lot more than their job for poisoning, gassing, or beating
inmates to death. This is not enough. It's not even close to being enough.
These officers should be indicted and convicted of murder and given the
stiffest penalty allowed under law. They've not only abused their power,
but they've abused it at the expense of citizens who are virtually
defenseless in our country. It's unacceptable.

With the hope that it motivates you to push the cause of prison reform and
justice for the officers who murdered these men and women, I'd like to tell
you the story of Darren Rainey.

Fifty years old, battling mental illness, and serving two years in the
psychiatric ward of the Dade County prison for the victimless nonviolent
offense of cocaine possession without the intent to distribute, Darren
Rainey would soon experience a death so cruel and so violent and so
unthinkably heinous that we would expect such a thing to happen only in a
country governed by a so-called evil dictator. It's almost too ugly to type.

After allegedly defecating in his cell, Rainey was handcuffed and locked
into a tight shower cell and blasted for nearly two hours with water that
was over 180 scolding hot degrees in temperature. Begging for his life,
screaming apologies and remorse so loud that other inmates could hear them,
the officers kept the water so hot and forceful that the steam began to
melt off Darren Rainey's skin. Video shows Rainey forced into the shower at
7:38 PM and he was pronounced dead at 9:30 PM.
Mark Joiner, a prisoner in Dade County, was called in to clean up the
chunks of skin left behind. He detailed it for the *Miami Herald*:

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