[Marxism] Charlie Hebdo not Racist

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Wed Jan 14 17:30:37 MST 2015

Hi Dan,

Personally, I don't think EVERYTHING YOU SAY is racist, just like I don't
think EVERYTHING CH EVER PRINTED is racist. There is a difference between
saying certain ideas are racist/discriminatory and that you or someone else
is a member of the Nazi Party.

The cartoons that are racist are the ones that use stereotyped imagery to
pose Islam as a cultural threat. At no point did they point the finger at
Saudi Arabia or Pakistan, as regimes, from what I am seeing in their
cartoons the depictions are about an amorphous category called "the
Muslims" or even "fundamentalist Islam". Those categories are, in my view,
racist or at the very least demeaning and insulting.

- Amith

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> On 14/01/2015 20:53, Clay Claiborne wrote:
>> What CH does is use extremists of color as an excuse to use the
>> traditional racist caricatures to imply by their focused coverage that
>> non-white people are responsible for the main problems in the world.
> So the existence of extremists "of color", I suppose you mean
> fundamentalist Salafists that are funded by Saoudi Arabia and Pakistan to
> assert social control, are used "as an excuse" to criticize said Salafists
> by depicting them as bigoted, crazy and intolerant. And this depiction of
> extremists is racist, even traditionally so, because ?
> Furthermore, Charlie Hebdo never implied that non-white people are
> responsible for the main problems of the world. Quite the reverse in fact.
> CH is a left-wing publication that criticized Fortress Europe and US
> Imperialism for the problems of the world. Which means "real" American
> Marxists like Clay have never read CH, only seen a couple of drawings
> criticizing vicious bigots which they then interpret - or rather are told
> to interpret - as a sign that Charlie is racist.
> The staff of CH was gunned down while they were discussing how to combat
> the rise of right-wing populism embodied by the National Front. That was
> the topic of the meeting when the Kouachi brothers came in, shouted "Where
> is Charb?", then gunned down Charb, Cabu a stubborn anti-war activist,
> 80-year old Wolinski of the CP, left-wing economist Bernard Maris and a
> proof-reader. Lançon was grieviously wounded.
> I am sick of this Americano-centrist worldview by people who do not read
> French, have never read the articles carried by CH, and send me absurd
> emails like "no to marching with nazis in Paris". French leftists usualy
> try to avoid simplistic depictions of ugly americans as fat, ignorant, gun
> totting WASPS although IMHO this does carry a grain of truth. Would
> American leftists please make an effort to try and understand that French
> people are not arrogant, racist chauvinists?
> And as for calling me racist because I actively support a multicultural
> French society and struggle against deportations and Fortress Europe, well,
> all I can say is... What? What can you say to an insult that is so
> obviously false? If you, and your Yankee ilk brought up in a country whose
> motto is "In God We Trust", fail to see that Salafism is not a victim but
> an oppressor, what materialist arguments can I muster? I'll just return the
> compliment and call it a day : Fascist yourself !
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