[Marxism] Charlie Hebdo not Racist

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Wed Jan 14 17:44:18 MST 2015

First of all, Charb’s family discounts the relationship claimed by Bougrab.  They may be wrong, or perhaps just embarrassed by any idea that he was associated with a Sarkozy minister, but I think people should be aware that it is contested.

Second, I’m totally unsurprised that Coates gushes about the position taken by some politically degenerate, Islamophobic tankies, but who in their right mind defers to L’Humanite?

Third, I’m equally unsurprised by his total failure to engage with any of the criticisms made of the specific Islamophobic content, which was plentiful.  This is because, I think, Coates is himself an Islamophobic racist who basically sees no problem with cartoons about goat-fucking Muslims, or the “sex jihadists” hoax, or the cartoon recapitulating the ‘Mohammed is a paedo’ myth.

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