[Marxism] LENIN'S TOMB: This isn't really about free speech, is it? - Letter to Apostate Windbag

David P Á david at miradoiro.com
Thu Jan 15 01:30:12 MST 2015

On 14/01/2015 23:21, Lenin's Tomb wrote:
> Well, as I’m on this list, I’m in a position to clarify this point:
where does my piece say that Leigh is restricting anyone’s freedom to
express an opinion?

>From your article:

I read your article.  I disagree with you on many points, but above all
I question your commitment to free expression.  You seem to take it for
granted that you are a passionate defender of the right to free speech,
as the foundation of all rights.  However your article presents evidence
to the contrary.


So there you are.  All puffed up and macho when it comes to pissing on
Muslims with racist invective in the name of ‘free speech’, but
strangely pious, humourless and censorious when some people decline to
go along with the spectacle of 'Je Suis Charlie'.  All for free speech,
but mainly up in arms about the way it affects white people and is
threatened by brown people.


Possibly I have misunderstood your points here, which wouldn't be
difficult given the lack of clarity in the text.


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