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Thu Jan 15 15:35:15 MST 2015

Do you really believe Mr. Stone that in any of the great events in world 
history during the past centuries the intelligence services and spies of 
the great powers of the time were not involved? Simply noting this fact 
in isolation from all other events leads either to apologetics or 
conspiracy theories. Allow me to illustrate my point.

In so far as French secret agents were involved with the leaders of the 
American rebellion of 1776, some of whom were Masons, does that fact 
override the influence of enlightenment ideals and the interests and 
grievances of those who fought King George’s army? Did the presence of 
French spies and Masons in Philadelphia New York and Boston mean George 
Washington was part of a foreign plot? Does the British government’s 
support for Greek nationalists in the 1820s mean their anti-Turkish 
revolt was merely a British plot? In so far as Spanish, French and 
German agents supported Irish leaders in their wars against the English 
government, does that mean that those who fought British troops in the 
name of Irish independence were dupes in foreign plots? Was the 1916 
Easter Rising really a failed German plot? In so far as German 
intelligence supported and financed the Bolsheviks in 1917-1918, does 
that mean the Russian revolution was simply a German plot and that those 
opposed to the tsar had no legitimate interests or grievances? Did 
covert Russian and Chinese support for Vietnam mean a sizeable 
proportion of the Vietnamese people had no legitimate grievances against 
French or American rule and that their decades long war against those 
governments was merely a KGB plot?

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