[Marxism] Charlie Hebdo is Racist

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      Charlie Hebdo is Racist

One can and should defend freedom of speech without at the same time
uniting with those who abuse free speech to spread a racist message of
hatred. After the brutal political murders of twelve Charlie Hebdo
staffers in Paris last week, the slogan Je Suis Charlie or "I'm with
Charlie" has become the rallying cry of those outraged by this attack.
People are properly outraged by these attacks in France and right to see
them as attacks on free speech and freedom of the press and to rush to
the defense of those freedoms. It is possible to do all that without
uniting with a magazine which has had an obsessive focus on stoking
Islamaphoba since 11 September 2001. What follows is a piece written by
Oliver Cyran, who worked at Charlie Hebdo from 1992 to 2001. He wrote it
5 December 2013 in response to an opinion piece on Le Monde written by
Charb [Stéphane Charbonnier, one of the cartoonists murdered in January
2015] and Fabrice Nicolino. I want to thank Richard Seymour of Lenin's
bring attention to this. The original
<http://www.article11.info/?Charlie-Hebdo-pas-raciste-Si-vous> was
published in French and translated to English
by Daphine Lawless
<http://posthypnotic.randomstatic.net/charlieindex.htm>. I am
re-printing in in my blog because I want all those who are shouting /"Je
Suis Charlie"/ to know just what they are uniting with. I must also add,
as one who appreciates good wordsmithing, that this is a great read!


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