[Marxism] If Charlie is racist, then so am I by Zineb el- Rhazoui

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thank you very much dave. this is helpful. yes, it is too much to ask for simplicity in 2015. 

it's still the early hours here in san francisco. i've given the piece a once over but will need to read it carefully. some things struck me though. 

1. she seems to be fixated on whether or not the individuals at charlie hebdo are racists, and thus herself, not whether the cartoons themselves (perhaps more) were racist. this is suspicious of course. at least since monroe beardsley's the possibility of criticism (1970) we are confident to separate the work from the artist. racist art can be produced by artists who have no such feeling. the intentions of the artist are not necessary to judge the work. 

2. she creates quite a lot "complexity" that is worthy of rupert murdoch's legions (spell correct offered lesions), such as pointing out that their are different kinds of muslims, different kinds of africans, etc. she even uses (in fact opens with) some fox news rhetorical flourishes. if i may be so quaint, i'm not sure how meaningful this is. just because there are different ethnicities within christianity (there's a chinese christian church in my neighborhood) doesn't mean that i wouldn't recognize a jab at white america in a religious caricature containing fat white texans (questions of hegemony aside). 

3. this is a bit of a broadstroke and it's early. i'm not sure she really adequately addresses whether or not she is a member of the oppressed siding with her oppressors. so the title is not something i'm prepared to run away from. 

4. wouldn't it be ironic if "i f c harlie hebdo is racist, then so am I" became another slogan of freedom-loving imperialists. 

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Since the Article11 piece by Olivier Cyran was posted here, I thought this 
reply from the same period, also translated from French, deserved posting. 
Every bit as biting and worth reading. More than enough accusations of 
orientalism and racism to go around in this discussion, IMO. 

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