[Marxism] ‘Provocative’ Bolshevik anti-Religious Caricatures.

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Fri Jan 16 12:16:37 MST 2015

Andrew Coates sends some Bolshevik posters to the list.  
He describes them as ‘Provocative’ Bolshevik anti-Religious Caricatures.   I encourage others to have a look at these posters.
I cannot read Russian or whatever language is used in the posters, so I would have to appeal to those who can to help us understand how the posters would have been received by workers and peasants in the Asian Soviet republics. Were these in fact anti-religious posters or were they intended to denounce the reactionary role of some religious leaders?  Were the Bolsheviks hoping to separate some religious believers from reactionary religious figures?
What impact did the posters have?

And that leads me back to the questions I have asked previously on this list.  Did the Charlie Hebdo cartoons have the effect of freeing some Muslim young people from religious belief?  Did the cartoons have the effect of weakening the influence of the most reactionary currents within the Muslim community?

				ken h

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