[Marxism] Kagarlitsky to join Russian nationalist marches? RE: Marxism Digest, Vol 135, Issue 33

Roger Annis rogerannis at hotmail.com
Sat Jan 17 15:08:33 MST 2015

Louis' question as to whether Boris Kagarlitsky would join a protest in Moscow against foreign political intervention in Russia is rhetorical but also ill-willed because it relies on a vague article in The Guardian and because if he really wanted to know, including about what, exactly, the Guardian is reporting upon, then he would ask Boris. For my part, I would need to know more about the views and intentions of the march organizers in Russia to have an opinion. But I can say that if I were in Haiti prior to the coup of 2004 or in Egypt prior to the coup of 2013, I would definitely have joined marches against the foreign governments and NGOs that were fomenting those coups. 

Louis place a segment of private correspondence from me to him on the list re the John Pilger speech of Dec. 5. I like to think I can write to him in private. I'll be disappointed if that is not the case. For the information of the list, I was referring to the fact that yet another established writer (John Pilger) is added to the Louis' list of Kremlin dupes, therefore the "circle" of writers who are not dupes (ie who recognize the NATO intervention in eastern Europe for what it is) grows smaller by the day.


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