[Marxism] Charlie Hebdo and The Militant (USA)

Richard Fidler rfidler_8 at sympatico.ca
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By "vibrant class struggle" they apparently mean economic struggles for
wages. Similarly, when the pro-sovereignty Parti Québécois government was
defeated last April, The Militant concluded that the Quebec national
question had been resolved and the time was overdue to focus on economic
"class struggles" in the Canadian state. Less complex, easier to understand
for the ageing Barnesites.

The early Russian Social Democrats referred to this as "Economism." See
Lenin: What is to be Done.


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On 19.01.2015 04:34, Michael Karadjis via Marxism wrote:
> Even better, that same article can hard;y hide its enthusiasm for Israel:
> "Israel today is a multinational country with a vibrant class struggle 
> and the most secular country in the Middle East." !!
When I read stuff like this, I have to ask if these people are even in 
the same universe as the rest of us!

Einde O'Callaghan
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