[Marxism] Interest in Bukharin's writing

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 19 09:11:25 MST 2015

On 1/19/15 11:05 AM, Sebastian Clare via Marxism wrote:
> Forgive my ignorance. Possibly somewhat unusually for a Marxist, I'm not a
> big reader.

I don't think this would qualify as a Bukharin for beginners but I can't 
recommend Stephen F. Cohen's bio highly enough. It is elegantly written 
and politically informed, in its way as good as Deutscher's biography of 

Unfortunately, it was Bukharin's NEP policy that led Cohen to embrace 
perestroika and then to become a Putinite. But as history and biography, 
his book is first-rate.

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