[Marxism] Fwd: The Shermer Affair Erupts

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Mon Jan 19 13:47:47 MST 2015

Turns out our skeptic had something in common with Bill Cosby:

“I ran into Shermer in the hallway,” Smith said recently, speaking 
publicly for the first time about what happened that night. They began 
talking, and he invited her to a Scotch and cigar party at the Caesars 
Palace hotel. “He was talking about future articles we could write, and 
he mentioned this party and asked if I could come, and I said yes.” At 
the party, they began downing drinks. “At some point,” Smith said, “I 
realized he wasn’t drinking them; he was hiding them underneath the 
table and pretending to drink them. I was drunk. After that, it all gets 
kind of blurry. I started to walk back to my hotel room, and he followed 
me and caught up with me… He offered to walk me back to my room, but 
walked me to his instead. I don’t have a clear memory of what happened 
after that. I know we had sex.”


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