[Marxism] Charlie Hebdo and Laïcité

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Mon Jan 19 16:31:17 MST 2015

I read Andrew Coate's piece Charlie Hebdo and Laïcité with great interest.  He is clearly familiar with history  of which I am ignorant.
In his defence of Charlie Hebdo he acknowledges the criticism of CH that ",,,they attacked the faith of the banlieues, the poor, the marginalised."  He describes this as a ",,,brazen distortion."

I am sure he acknowledges that Islam (more than other religions in France) is the the faith of the banlieues, the poor, the marginalised.  Perhaps he is arguing that CH was not attacking Islam.  A case might be made for that view. So I read through his article to see what case he would make.  He didn't.  Having made his assertion in the second sentence of his article, he simply dropped the question.  Has he dealt with this elsewhere?  No link or reference was provided.

Perhaps the argument is that a large number of people simply misunderstood what CH was saying.  Was there nothing CH could have done to make their intent more clear?

		ken h

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