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Also from "Workers Liberty":


Jewels within this shitty pamphlet from this freakish charlatan crank

"The catastrophe that befell the Palestinians in 1948 could not have
happened had not a coalition of Arab states invaded Israel. In that war,
Egypt proclaimed its war aim to be to "drive the Jews into the sea"."

"Their idea of "liberating" "Palestine" demands the destruction of Israel.
It implies support for Arab states who still think they can destroy Israel."

"Israel came into being as a result of the greatest single crime in human
history, the Holocaust of six million Jews at the hands of the Nazis. It
was this crime, the preparation for it, and its aftermath, that, in the 30s
and 40s, led to large scale Jewish migration to Palestine, and turned Jews
throughout the world into Zionists."


"From the river to the sea? Sorry, but there’s no way to be polite about
this. That chant, and the PSC’s own logo of a map of Palestine from the
river to the sea, and the subsequent chanting of “Israel out of Palestine”
really could mean only one thing....The Jews are to leave “Palestine” —
from the river to the sea. This is an exterminationist agenda. I don’t
think that’s too strong a term."



I don't have the patience or the stomach to continue sifting through this
kind of garbage, but Workers' Liberty is a racist, Zionist propaganda
organization masquerading as a "leftist" group, and people affiliated with
it deserve to be flogged in the street. They have coalesced around the
British pseudo-left's obsession with trying to find "anti-Semitism"
everywhere, including any meaningful solidarity against the regime that is
colonizing and destroying Palestine. In their view, Israel is a little
victim surrounded by mean angry Arabs, and any attempt to oppose it or
single it out for fairly obvious reasons is some kind of Nazi-Stalinist
crime against the Jews. And they shamefully exploit the Holocaust to do so.

As such I doubt I can trust their "analysis" about fascism anywhere else.
They have no credibility.

- Amith

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