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So read their pamphlets then. Honestly, what do you have to do to count as
a Zionist organization? Do you have to regurgitate Israeli nationalist
historiography about the 1948 war? Check. Do you have to reduce anti-Israel
sentiment to anti-Semitism? Check. Do you have to claim that left-wing
anti-Zionism is little more than latent Stalinism (like the kind that
supports Syria or Iran)? Check. Do you have to exploit the Holocaust to
portray Zionist settlers as little more than victims? Check. Do you have to
accuse boycotters of being genocidal in their intentions? Check. Do you
have to portray Zionism as a reaction to anti-Semitism, rather than an
extension of it? Check. Do you have to witch-hunt left groups that rally
against the massacre(s) in Gaza, as though they are unfairly "singling out"
the regime occupying Palestine? Check.

They are the embodiment of the failure of some groups on the "left" to
engage racism and colonialism properly, as the Charlie Hebdo fiasco has
shown us. They have taken their own misplaced, ahistoric concerns about
anti-Semitism and decided to impose those concerns onto any kind of
meaningful campaign against Zionism, whether by leftists, Muslims, whoever,
as well as Muslims more generally. They have taken up the same garbage line
as *The Militant*. And they are, in my view, leftists in name only. If the
"left" includes people who peddle Israeli propaganda and stigmatize
anti-Zionism then I'll gladly step outside of it.

- Amith

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> Well, identifying AWL - a British organisation not trying even to
> build an interantional - as Zionists is something jaw-dropping to me.
> i think the ones making such accusations should provide evidence about
> AWL's link to Israel or maybe its continuity with historical Zionist
> organisations. AWL disagreeing with someone in the Western left on the
> approach towards the Israeli-Arab conflict is certainly not enough to
> classify them as Zionists for me.
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