[Marxism] Funniest/saddest take on Greece I've read

A.R. G amithrgupta at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 06:32:49 MST 2015

It didn't say anything about them running against Syriza. Do you have any
link as such?

I agree it's a silly comment nonetheless.

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> By the IST group that is part of anti-capitalist coalition Antarsya, which
> is running *against* Syriza, in the UK Socialist Worker
> <
> http://socialistworker.co.uk/art/39788/Left+gains+in+Greece+as+rulers+fail+to+panic+voters
> >:
>  "We’ve never sold so many copies of Workers’ Solidarity, Socialist
> Worker’s sister paper."
> On the verge of electing the most radical government in Europe since the
> 1930s, with all of the huge issues this raises and contradictions and
> problems and potentials for both advance and defeat for working people in
> Greece and Europe in their many millions.... and they actually think this
> is a relevent comment in a piece providing "analysis" of the sitaution.
> I am sure members of this group, and all the other far left groups in, (and
> just like members of all the component groups of Syriza), are active in a
> range of struggles -- is they say, as though the ability to say "we are
> involved in struggles" then gives them grounds to make such a seemingly
> unself-aware absurd statement as this.
> I mean, if at a time like this in Greece, you couldn't sell a far left
> paper, it would have to be an astonishingly crap one... I'd say even
> whatever the Spartacus-aligned group is in Greece is experiencing record
> sales too...
> You might be making a crazy sectarian error, you might be unable to
> actually connect with and win working class in any signficant numbers
> despite the severity of the crisis and openness to radical solutions... but
> you are selling more copies of your paper than ever before. What a great
> victory for the oppressed working people of Greece.
> It's hard to know whether to laugh or cry.
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- Amith

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