[Marxism] Article on Borotba

Ken Hiebert knhiebert at shaw.ca
Thu Jan 22 14:46:17 MST 2015

Einde O'Callaghan said:
You obviously don't know David Walters is or what he stands for if you impute any antisemitic views to him. Indeed, I fail to see how you can interpret a mildly ironic comment as in any way antisemitic.

Ken Hiebert replies:
Not only do I not know David Walters.  There are millions of others who do not know him.  And that is my point.  Stripped bare of context, stripped bare of any knowledge about DW, his remark, taken on its own, could be read as complaining about the number of Jews in New York City.

His remark =-(WTF??? Obviously you've never been to Jerusalem...that is, NEW YORK CITY,
have you??)
My original response -
(Whatever you may have intended, this comment could be read as a complaint that there are too many Jews in New York.  
I don't know how many Jews there are in New York, but I hope they all feel at home there.  I wouldn't want to suggest to any of them that they might be more welcome in Israel.)

DW and I have not met, but I have formed a favourable impression of him from reading his messages to this list.  And I think we were in touch about some archival material.  For that reason I was very careful about what I said to him.  I did not impute any antisemitic views to him.  I merely pointed out to him a possible reading of his remark.  Happily, that led to him providing context and a note about himself.

There are shortcomings to email.  It very quickly disseminates information.  But we don't know if the person was smiling or grimacing when they sent it.  We don't know their history.
We were able to make up for that shortcoming in this discussion.  But people who have ill will to this list would feel no compunction about forwarding his remark without context and without any explanation about him and his views.

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