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> "So it’s quite clear that for certain sectors very involved in the
> mobilizations and the social movements, that overthrew the Char and have
> abolished the bourgeois state, they tend to support or regroup around
> initiatives or structures in which Bolsheviks are led. But, when it comes
> to political representation like the Constituent Assembly , then the SR
> party acts in a way as the key political representation for this overall
> constellation of forces."
> JA

This is a *very* forced analogy -- so forced as to be pretty pointless.

There are , of course, a few differences between the Greek elections on
Sunday and the constituent assembly elections in Russia that took place
after the rise of soviet power headed by the Bolsheviks.

This includes the fact that int he Constituent Assembly, the Bolsheviks got
a little bit more than 0.33% of the vote that Antarsya got in the last
general elections... about a quarter of all votes cast. Just a bit more. A
number far closer to what Syriza scored last time, as opposed to Antarsya's
truly irrelevant number of votes.

And that the result reflected a few tings including the overwhelming
peasant majority of the population that still, despite already broadly
supporting the new Soviet power, electorally back the SRs (who were
presented on ballots as united, even though they had already split between
left and right). The Bolsheviks won clearly majorities in urban areas.

There is another small difference -- the existence in Russia of a
widely-organised and supported counter power to the old state in the
soviets, in a context of the near total disintegration of the old state
amid the ongoing disaster of world war one. There is not, actually much to
be gained by trying to draw comparisons between the two situations in


> On 22/01/2015 09:49 μμ, Louis Proyect via Marxism wrote:
>> With Syriza approaching the gates of power in Greece, the internet has
>> been full of analyses, opinion pieces, and endorsements and
>> denunciations. In this interview with Stathis Kouvelakis, edited for
>> clarity, conducted in early January, and spliced together with earlier
>> interviews (thanks to David Broder for translations), we take a critical
>> distance to understand the origins, trajectory, and possible challenges
>> of this political formation.
>> full: https://www.jacobinmag.com/2015/01/phase-one/
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