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You are right about analogies. In my point of view analogies may be 
established till the citizen isolated in a ballot box. What you quoted 
is just a joke.
But if, for the sake of discussion, we are to draw such irrelevant 
analogies, one have to remark that 0,33% is not so disproportional  to 
what the Bolsheviks led the masses to accomplish, while ANTARSYA has 
not, and is far from: Soviets, bourgeois state abolition and so on. 
Again the electoral scores of the bolseviks in tsarist Douma are quite 
comparable to that of ANTARSYA. Well, to be less provocative, all i say 
is that electoral scores can prove not much either in favor of 
ANTARSYA's political program or against it. That is, not to fairly 
ignore them, but rather not to lay on them.
To be sure, ANTARSYA is not anything like the bolshevik party; not at 
all. And actually is in a serious internal struggle as the coalition's 
majorities are tending to recuperate the oppositional rhetoric and 
demands that SYRIZA abandons as it clearly moves in full speed to the 
right.  Last, but not least in this trajectory, is SYRIZA's salution to 
Draghi's  QE while he clearly depends it on a "successful" memorandum 
member state policy.
Reading around in the internet i have realized that is far from clear 
that what is been disputed by ANTARSYA is not whether SYRIZA will 
establish a kind of worker's state or not (that's at present out of 
anybody's  reach), but if its moderate Keynesian dreams have any chance 
at all in greece's and EU specific situation. If the answer is "no they 
haven't" , then arises the question of "what will be next?".
And, in my view again, such a continuous move to the right in order to 
gain the meaningless electoral support of -as they put it - the 
right-minded citizen in the name of the "left", paves the road for 
Golden Dawn, whom electoral score should be, by its nature and 
circumstances, taken straightforward.
Two days left for the supposedly brilliants electoral conclusions of the 
international left to come out, irony addressed first of all to my own 


On 23/01/2015 10:26 πμ, Stuart Munckton wrote:
> This is a *very* forced analogy -- so forced as to be pretty pointless.

> This includes the fact that int he Constituent Assembly, the Bolsheviks
> got a little bit more than 0.33% of the vote that Antarsya got in the
> last general elections... about a quarter of all votes cast. Just a bit
> more. A number far closer to what Syriza scored last time, as opposed to
> Antarsya's truly irrelevant number of votes.
> There is another small difference -- the existence in Russia of a
> widely-organised and supported counter power to the old state in the
> soviets, in a context of the near total disintegration of the old state
> amid the ongoing disaster of world war one. There is not, actually much
> to be gained by trying to draw comparisons between the two situations in
> general.
> Stuart
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