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Philip Ferguson philipferguson8 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 18:41:33 MST 2015

This week we've been starting to get busy again with the blog.  I've just
stuck up a piece by Michael Roberts on deflation and what it means for
workers and for the global economy.  See:

Since 9/11, a whole bunch of new laws have been passed in New Zealand
expanding the powers of the state and threatening our democratic rights.
Cam Walker looks at changes since 2007.  The article also includes the list
of current organisations and movements that the NZ government designates as
'terrorist', some of whom are clearly progressive/liberation movements.

Meanwhile, John Key argues that NZ military involvement in Iraq/Syria is
"the price" that must be paid for membership of the selective club
involving Britain, the USA, Canada, Australia and NZ.  Veteran activist Don
Franks investigates:

We've also re-put up an article we posted right near the blog's beginning
in 2011, looking at GST and taxation and demystifying them:

We've collected together a number of articles on the 1960s that have
appeared on Redline since we began.  The sixties were a fascinating time,
when everything seemed possible:

We've re-put up a couple of critical articles on Labour Party history:

Lastly, some weekend leisure:

I’ve gotta put a plug in for my current favourite musician. If you like
folk, but harder and more sinewy than the old duffel-coat brigade variety,
check out Seth Lakeman, the youngest of the three very talented Lakeman
brothers (the others being the oldest, Sean, and the middle one Sam).

I wrote a review of Seth’s last two albums here:

Seth comes from, and still lives in, the West Country in England. Devon to
be precise. Most of his songs are about ordinary people’s lives, drawing on
the history of Devon, Cornwall, Dorset etc.

His ‘Live at the Minack Theatre’ DVD is my all-time favourite live music
DVD, equal with Cream’s 1968 Royal Albert Hall gig. The Minack Theatre, by
Land’s End, is a stunning venue. Check out, for instance Seth there at:

Some more Seth. Another of my great favourities of his: Blood Red Skies,
which is his variation on the Reynardine theme:

And here’s a song which was something of a breakthrough of his (title track
of his second album, which was nominated for a prestigious Mercury Prize);
it’s the story of a young servant who killed herself after being
impregnated by the young master, her grave is on Dartmoor:

Another great favouritie of mine is Irish socialist-republican and great
singer-songwriter Damien Dempsey. ‘Damo’ toured here earlier this year,
just him and his guitar. Here’s a review of his Christchurch gig, which was
packed out with young Irish:

The review contains a link to one of my great favourites of his – Masai.

All the best for 2015.


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