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Sat Jan 24 08:26:41 MST 2015

Ahmet Tonak: Let us assume for a moment that despite the barriers set up 
by European finance capital and the Greek bourgeoisie, Syriza goes from 
victory to victory, gaining the full support of the working class and a 
majority of the Greek population. Where would Syriza wish to take Greece 
under those circumstances?

Efklidis Tsakalotos:  Syriza’s programme is a transitional one. It wants 
to start the process of not only reversing the policies of austerity but 
also dismantling some of the central pillars of the neo-liberal order. 
As with all transitional programmes the goal is to open up fissures for 
more radical polices. Whether we in Europe can achieve this depends on 
the extent that social movements are inspired to make use of the 
opportunities that arise to broaden the agenda in favour of a more 
participatory, institutionally-diverse, and socially just economy. 
Left-wing governments can do only so much. Social transformations, 
especially in the modern era, need the active engagement of millions. 
Parties and governments of the Left must see their role as catalysts of 
these wider developments. What is certain is that we are living in 
interesting times!

full: http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/01/23/syrizas-moment/

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