[Marxism] Fwd: We Do Not Need Your ‘Support’! | Zbigniew Marcin Kowalewski

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sun Jan 25 07:01:06 MST 2015

One of the most difficult experiences which we, Ukrainian left-wing 
militants, had in 2014 was the reaction of the Western left to events in 
our country. For many of them the ideological schema was pretty 
unambiguous. Presumably it was a matter of a coup d’etat, backed by the 
West, in the course of which a radical right-wing government or even a 
“fascist junta” came to power, which promptly set about repressing left 
and progressive forces and the Russian-speaking “minority”. Presumably 
this triggered a justified reaction by Russia in the Crimea, and an 
“anti-fascist uprising” in the Donbas. The West is presented as an 
aggressor and Russia as forced to defend itself.

The people who live in the country appear in this ideological schema 
only as an object of geo-politics. In the best-case scenario some 
positive role is deemed to them (as folkloric extras in the background) 
when they do not manifest any sign of disaffection and supposedly belong 
to the “right” side of spheres of influence. But in the worst-case 
scenario they are puppets manipulated by deceptive foreign forces and 
create something like the Maidan. In the framework of that ideological 
schema the population of the country is not recognized as fully-fledged 
political subject, capable of its own collective action, and is denied 
its right to be recognized as such.

full: http://zmkowalewski.pl/?p=570

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