[Marxism] Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Prince Philip: beknighted and benighted

John Passant en.passant at bigpond.com
Mon Jan 26 03:16:40 MST 2015

I think Abbott knows that politically he is a dead man walking and has 
decided to release his inner reactionary. That may well explain the 
enquiry into workplace relations (code for bringing back the highly 
unpopular vote losing Work Choices) which at least most of the ruling 
class want. But knighthhoods, and one for Philistine Phil? Seriously? No 
sensible member of the Australian ruling class sees that as in any way 
desirable or defensible and it destroys the 'we are all in this Budget 
fixing together' lie they are trying to promulgate. This latest blunder, 
one of such magnitude, shows how isolated from and toxic to the public 
Abbott is and may see him soon rolled. How much longer can the Liberals 
hang on to and with this buffoon? How much longer will the ruling class 
put up with their idiot? Not much longer I suspect.


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