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[“There is no close historical precedent in Europe for a SYRIZA victory--although there are some parallels with the 1970 election of a socialist government led by Salvador Allende in Chile.”  Lee Sustar, in Socialist Worker newspaper, January 20, 2015]

It may be useful to recall that the Allende regime, an effort to implement some superficial reforms of capitalism, without threatening to get rid of the dominant class of capitalists who ruled the Chilean nation, was exterminated three years later by the Chilean general staff.

The reformer Allende was executed.  He was replaced by Gen. Augusto Pinochet, whose regime killed, tortured, and exiled tens of thousands of Chileans. 

Allende’s political party, living in some silly fantasy world, didn’t wish to offend the generals in command and made no effort to organize support inside the Army.

Neither did most of the self-styled revolutionaries in the three years they had to organize inside the Army before their end came.

For their failure, the penalty was death.

Will the Greek generals, forever and always famously loyal to the Greek capitalist elite, tolerate a left regime in Greece, even if its program now is an effort to implement some reforms of capitalism, without threatening to get rid of the dominant class of capitalists and their generals who rule the nation?

What will they do when tens of thousands of Greeks, who now believe the SYRIZA election victory means their social liberation, take matters into their own hands, begin to act for themselves from below, and move against their ruling class of tormentors and oppressors far father and faster than SYRIZA parliamentary politicians have any intention of going?

Care to take a bet?  Όποιος γίνεται πρόβατο τον τρώει ο λύκος!

There have been no reports, so far, or even hints of efforts by SYRIZA or anybody else on the left to organize among rank and file soldiers.

If not, it will be unnecessary to provide blindfolds should the Greek generals seize power and order military executioners to work.

The blindfolds are already in place.  

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