[Marxism] Greek Leader Who Said 'Jews Don't Pay Taxes' Named Defense Minister

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Jan 28 06:28:46 MST 2015

On 1/28/15 4:29 AM, Jim via Marxism wrote:
> KKE is surely another anti-austerity party, and it has
> enough seats to form a government coalition with Syriza, even if its ageing
> Stalinism has made it into yet another quasi-social democratic party. You'd
> think that would make it a good fit with the left social democratic Syriza.

I thought most of us would be aware at this point that the KKE despises 
Syriza and regards it as pro-austerity. Unlike any CP in the world, it 
is a throwback to 3rd period Stalinism and as such evokes the "social 
fascism" outlook of the pre-Popular Front period. This is why Syriza 
ended up in bloc with ANEL more than anything else.

I think that there's a somewhat idealized view of wielding power here. 
There's a tendency to idealize the Bolsheviks who never would have 
descended to such opportunist maneuvers. If you read E.H. Carr, however, 
you'll discover that they didn't always live up to their lofty ideals. 
For example, Mustafa Kemal was very amenable to friendly relations to 
the infant Soviet republic, so much so that the Kremlin looked the other 
way when he killed the leaders of the Turkish CP.

And then there's Fidel. The Cuban revolutionaries were so desperate for 
friendly relations internationally that they didn't break with Franco's 
Spain after taking power. When the PRI in Mexico that had taken Cuba's 
side in its dealings with the OAS massacred students in 1968, the Cuban 
press said zero.

If you are looking for purity, you'd better stick with the newspapers of 
self-declared vanguard parties that will never be forced to make choices 
that contradict their principles.

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