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better translation

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> Rough translation of statement by DEA (the component of Syriza aligned
> with the US ISO) on Syriza's coalition with the right-wing ANEL:
> Communication from the Internationalist Workers' Left (CMP) for the
> election result and the political developments
> CMP | 27/1/2015
> http://rproject.gr/article/anakoinosi-tis-diethnistikis-
> ergatikis-aristeras-dea-gia-eklogiko-apotelesma-kai-tis
> For members and supporters of SYRIZA, wide left, for activists of social
> movements, new circumstances arise.
> 1 . The political overthrow the coalition Samaras and Venizelos in the
> elections of January 25 is a historic political victory of the forces of
> social resistance. The forces of the working class and the popular masses
> in Greece fought hard by the outbreak of the crisis and the beginning of
> policy memoranda of agreements, the ruling class with the troika and
> lenders have imposed a brutal austerity policy. It is the result of general
> strikes, demonstrations, the movement of the squares, the decisive sectoral
> and local games that continued despite the decline of the great wave of
> resistance to hot two years 2010-12.
> During this period the world struggling from below formed a framework
> demands, hopes and expectations remains active. The robustness of this
> framework, the requirement for a policy antilitotitas interprets the
> strength of the world, despite the blows of the mainstream media, insisted
> on pinning his hopes on the Left. This is the basis of the political
> victory of SYRIZA, which became massive, and the Communist Party of
> strength.
> 2. The massive shift of the world left, manifested to the polls on January
> 25, gives the SYRIZA more political momentum than reveal the 149 seats in
> parliament, the minimum distance of the 151 seats in the parliamentary
> autonomy. ND Samaras, despite the scandalous support from local and
> international loyalist forces sank to 27.8%, writing a record low of
> influence. Mainly, however, came from the electoral battle deeply wounded
> politically and strategically: The differences between the far-right
> populism (with its emphasis on racism and nationalism) and "social
> radicalism" of the traditional center-right will bloom again, inevitably,
> in the party of Southwest, unknown for now the answer to the question of
> the single future of the conservative regime's area of the Right.
> 3. The decision of the leadership of SYRIZA coalition with ANEL Panos
> Kamenou, mistakenly underestimate this dynamic. There was a mandatory
> response to the data created by the elections, as was the way of reclaiming
> vote "tolerance" by the House, based on the commitments of Thes / niki
> horizon and the program of the founding conference of SYRIZA.
> The Conference decision of SYRIZA, which confirmed the founding
> declaration, reiterating rejection Search political alliances with the
> center-left, we believe that force (much more!) On the center-right.
> The "red lines" of ANEL contradict the mood of a large part of its members
> and the party SYRIZA, while acting as a transfer belt of system pressure on
> the government of the Left.
> Under these conditions, the coalition agreement with ANEL jeopardizes the
> political project for a government of the Left with a transition policy and
> strategy.
> 4. For members and supporters of SYRIZA, wide left, for activists of
> social movements, new circumstances arise.
> The implementation of the commitments of Thes / niki will be a first
> "station": reset the minimum wage to pre-crisis levels, the return of 13
> pension for low-income pensioners, the revalidation of the CPA, the
> reintroduction of untaxed income up 12,000 euro, the abolition of ENFIA and
> excise duty on heating oil, will be the first strong political message stop
> the downhill austerity.
> With the mass movement at the forefront, we should open the way for the
> overall overthrow of austerity. To get them all back! In this course the
> vindication of ERT strikers, cleaners of the Ministry. Finance, redundant,
> the "assessed" and "available", it is equally important messages, both to
> our world and to their opposite.
> 5. In these new circumstances, the role of the "party" SYRIZA is
> irreplaceable. The function-states of organizations, collegiality, the
> party democracy are not an optional extra, but a condition for the final
> victory of SYRIZA, the final victory of the entire Left and our world.
> 01/27/2015
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