[Marxism] A few other statements on the Syriza-ANEL deal

Michael Karadjis mkaradjis at gmail.com
Wed Jan 28 08:31:03 MST 2015

As I said, just food for thought. In any case, while the danger of a 
coup cannot be ruled out, it is unclear if it is as politically feasible 
in the current EU climate as it was in Latin America in the 1970s (or 
Greece at that time). Moreover, the issue once again comes down to what 
Syriza and the movement behind it does to mobilise at all levels – 
including in the military. Thus the discussion earlier of the the 
conscript movement Dyktio-Spartakos is of relevance here.

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From: Louis Proyect

On 1/28/15 10:09 AM, Michael Karadjis via Marxism wrote:
> and a harsh one, but raising issues not exactly unimportant, such as 
> the
> parallel between Defense Ministers Kammenos and Pinochet ...
> Στη συνέχεια, περιστρέφουμε δεξιά
> http://thewolfatthedoor.blogspot.com.au/

This is David Schanoes's blog. Schanoes was a Marxmail subscriber for a
decade or so. I can't remember whether I removed him or he removed
himself. He is a self-styled left-Communist with a tendency so
pronounced to expose others as reformist traitors that he could not even
sustain a working partnership with Loren Goldner, a long-time
self-styled left-Communist himself.

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