[Marxism] Greece’s new government halts sale of Piraeus port

ioannis aposperites aposperites at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 01:11:11 MST 2015

There is no question on condemning SYRIZA here. It would be irrelevant. 
After all condemning SYRIZA is copyrighted by KKE.
When ANTARSYA were fighting with the movements against Samaras and Co 
the last 5 years, they knew that they were favouring SYRIZA's electoral 
success. KKE knew it as well, and that's why they have been regularly 
condemned too as SYRIZA's tail. The question is to put the facts in 
their real dimensions in order to act upon them.
My point is, that the elections -the defeat of ND & PASOK- was a moment 
of detonation of all the explosives that the general strikes, the 
occupations, the stubborn struggles of the working class, in spite of 
the efforts of the yellow confederations, even in spite of the betrayals 
of KKE and SYRIZA who were constantly calling to retreat, have gathered 
around Samaras' government.
One the other hand this same victory for SYRIZA reflects the 
petit-bourgeois fantasy of a return to sweet 2009.
And SYRIZA is looking for a way to that direction
So the first point is that SYRIZA's government is not a left (let alone 
worker's) government. Neither objectively nor by their own claim. PM 
Tsipras has not yet pronounced the words "left government" and no one 
could blame him for that.
The second point would be that of locating the pawns on the chessboard. 
Who is where. If the Eurasianist Kotzias and the Turk-eater Toskas are 
in charge of greece's foreign affairs we must expect a certain tendency 
on that subject. etc etc
A concrete analysis is needed to sustain the main general target that 
this government should become a *hostage of the movement*. And that does 
concern and includes anyone who inside or outside syriza stands for the 
workers' cause.
It may be a mess but, as you have reminded by Lenin's words on the irish 
cause, this is always the case. Including an hilarious aspect from 
which, since now KKE will probably be more willing to promote strikes 
against its main enemy (third period after all), i am afraid that 
ANTARSYA wouldn't  be this time condemned by SYRIZA's government as 
KKE's tail!!
Damn! Have we stepped on devils tail?

On 28/01/2015 11:37 μμ, Louis Proyect wrote:
> On 1/28/15 4:25 PM, ioannis aposperites via Marxism wrote:
>> In the photo (link below) the new greek minister of foreign affairs
>> Nikos Kotzias, a former Stalinist, on the left in front of the Pireaus
>> University where he teaches, is receiving Dugin: selective affinities
>> http://www.4pt.su/en/node/812
> I don't think there's anybody on Marxmail who detests people like Dugin
> more than me. That being said, I am not ready to condemn Syriza because
> of this, no more so than I would condemn Venezuela or Cuba for its
> support for Gaddafi and al-Assad.

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