[Marxism] Secularism: An Enlightened Response to Ian Birchall. (2006) :

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Ian Birchall on secularism 

Because of the republication of Ian Birchall’s article (itself a response to my article, In Defence of Militant Secularism)
 on the US Socialist Worker site (International Socialist Organization) 
the reply is presented here, unchanged, in order to give a more complete
 view of the debate.

The Reply was published in the last ever issue of What Next? It only appeared in an on-line edition and is not available in the What next Archives (last time I checked).
An Enlightened Response to Ian Birchall. (2006).

" Birchall fails to grapple with the nature of political 
secularism, its philosophical roots, the account of the French secular 
education system is hopelessly skewed, and his belief that Respect is 
“secularism in practice”, is wholly misguided."


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