[Marxism] Showing support for SYRIZA from the USA?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Jan 29 10:02:04 MST 2015

On 1/29/15 11:49 AM, Ken Hiebert via Marxism wrote:
> A party that has millions of supporters in Greece should not need financial support from a small group of leftists in the US (or Canada in my case).  Perhaps there will be some grass roots organization or campaign that would benefit from a solidarity campaign.
> One thing is for sure.  There will be more people who want to talk with us about the far left and its prospects.

I think that Einde's comrades in Die Linke have a major responsibility 
in helping to undermine the German ruling class. Let's hope they can 
move swiftly and powerfully.

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